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5/22/2017 Member News
Steel Erection Bid Wizard Introduces New Interface with Design Data SDS/2

Steel Erection Bid Wizard Introduces New Interface with Design Data SDS/2

Due to the growing presence of 3D digital models in all disciplines of the construction industry, Steel Erection Bid Wizard and Design Data’s SDS/2 have teamed up to extract primary steel information from the 3D model. This data can now be imported directly into Bid Wizard, eliminating the need to take off primary steel from 2D drawings.
While the initial extraction is for primary members — beams, columns and braces —this will be expanded to other member types and welds. Among the advantages of extracting the data from the 3D digital model:
  • The fabrication model is an LOD400 model, which is used for the procurement, fabrication and tracking of the structural steel. This model will be exactly what is received on site.
  • The process is easy! In SDS/2 Erector or SDS/2 Detailing, simply select the model, export and then import the Microsoft Excel file into Bid Wizard. This process can be viewed at:
  • Human error from “fat finger” entry or simple omission can be avoided.
  • You can perform a preliminary bid before the contract is award to fabrication, by importing the engineering model into SDS/2 and exporting to Bid Wizard. Then you can run the export from the fabrication model to see the difference due to any addition of steel.
About the Software

SDS/2, a premier 3D structural steel product in the construction industry, offers more than just connection design. It is the only product in the industry that develops and designs connections with consideration to the erection of all the members in the joint.
Steel Erection Bid Wizard from Steel Estimating Solutions is a powerful software — made for an erector, by an erector — with 300 built-in tasks, with tried and true production rates for labor, crane and weld time. It is also 100% customizable to fit a company’s needs. The Project Management Wizard allows real-time tracking of profits and losses, rental equipment, and much more.