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3/21/2017 Member News
Altec Introduces Offsettable Jib for AC45-127S


Altec Introduces Offsettable Jib for AC45-127S

A new offsettable jib for the 45-ton AC45-127S crane provides the operator the ability to accomplish more on the jobsite. Introduced by Altec Cranes at ConExpo-Con/Agg in March, the jib package helps operators position the crane closer to the side of a structure when other obstacles prevent alternative set-up sites. The AC45-127 features a five-section, 127-foot boom, and dual entry cab.

The new 31’ to 55’ jib package has 0, 15, and 30 degree positions. When fully extended and offset at 30 degrees, the operator gains more than 25 feet of additional load radius.

The increased load radius that is gained when offsetting the jib is maximized through the availability of full jib charts – a first in the boom truck industry, reports Altec. With Load Moment and Area Protection System (LMAP), operators simply select the jib configuration used and LMAP adjusts lifting and load charts, accordingly.