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The Steel Erectors Association of America is very proud to offer to the construction industry a set of comprehensive training materials that are the coordinated efforts of many industry experts.

With our industry facing regulatory text changes from a federal and state level it seemed appropriate timing for the Association to develop these programs. Notwithstanding, the growing innovations of our computer-age technology, which continually rewrites and redefines our technical and procedural manuals, that ultimately change designs and field practices, it was increasingly obvious that our industry was in need of training vehicle. Each of the programs are twofold in that they are designed to assist employers with the mandatory training requirements of OSHA while enhancing the training, education and skills of ironworkers.

Summary: Subpart M ----In 1986 The Agency issued notice of proposed rulemaking for Subpart M (Fall Protection), and announced the proposed rule would apply all to walking/working surfaces found in construction, alteration, repair (including painting and decorating) and demolition work, except for five specific areas. Although none of the specific areas pertained to steel erection, The Agency noted that “Additional requirements to have fall protection for connectors and for workers on derrick and erection floors during steel erection would remain in subpart R—Steel Erection”.

This statement lead to confusion. Many of the commenters to the subpart M rulemaking noted that they were not sure whether subpart M or subpart R would govern their activities. In the face of this uncertainty, The Agency decided that it would regulate the fall hazards associated with steel erection in its planned revision of subpart R.

Summary: Subpart R ------On January 26, 1988, a notice was published by the Agency, of its intention to regulate the hazards associated with steel erection, in a separate proposed rule, which will provide comprehensive coverage for fall protection in steel erection.

On May 11, 1994 OSHA announced that it had established the Steel Erection Negotiated Rulemaking Advisory Committee (SENRAC). This committee consisted of representatives from labor, industry, public interests and government agencies. The members of SENRAC participated in 18 months of negotiations to develop the recommendations. SENRAC began negotiations in mid June 1994, and met 11 times as a full committee, committee work groups. On July 24, 1997, SENRAC presented OSHA with a consensus proposed standard.

The Final Rule was adopted by OSHA on January 18, 2001. The final subpart R has substantially reduced the risk of death or serious injury of workers engaged in steel erection. In addition, the clarification and revised language of the final rule and consolidation of relevant provisions will help employers and employees to understand requirements of the steel erection standard. These improvements to subpart R have achieved a must need protection for the ironworking community.